Summertime Roof Care for Homeowners

Summer is here and summertime roof care projects for homeowners are happening!

In that vein we have two happy roof reminders for you:

Gutter Care

First is your gutters.  If you don’t have gutter covers, that could be a good summer purchase and project!  Our philosophy is either cover your gutters with a quality product or don’t cover them at all!  If you want to land in the first option of those two, we have some good options for gutter covers.  Give us a call and we’ll tell you about them.  (Hint:  those short, puzzle piece, plastic things don’t work well!)  We can clean your gutters,  install your new covers, and you rest easy through fall and winter.  Maybe check them in a year or so.  If you go without, do an easy once a year sweep-out and your done!  Either way, keeping those gutters clean and clear keep water away from your home.  Do it.

Roof Care

Second is how to deal with the stuff that can grow on your shingles when there’s shade and moisture.  Most importantly, don’t simply scrape them off.  The roots are still in the asphalt and can dig deeper doing real damage to the shingles if you just rip them out.  A more effective approach is to make a solution of about 50/50 water and bleach, spay it on the mossy growths (being careful to avoid contact with clothes, skin and eyes).  Leave the mixture on for about 5-10 minutes, rinse off to avoid permanent color change to your shingles, and then walk away.   Check back in a week or two and see if the mossy growths are white, yellow or brown.  If so, they are dead!  This means the roots have shriveled and they can be removed safely.  This will give your roof more years!

Happy Summer!  Keep your body cool, dry, and same for that roof over your head!  Give us a call if you want some support in your efforts.

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