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What to do about skylights?

Skylights are an investment. Whether purchasing a new home with skylights, or replacing your current roof with skylights, it’s worth weighing your options.  Do they need replaced even if they aren’t leaking?  It’s not a simple answer, but there is a formula. 

Wondering about the skylights in your home now?  

Consider the age of them.  If they are 7-10 years old and you’re replacing your roof,  we recommend you replace the skylight flashing kit.  The flashing sheds water away from the skylight.  This maintains a good seal for the skylight when installing a new roof.  Not refreshing the flashing kit, upon replacing a roof, can make for a leaky skylight if there are cracks or leaks around the skylight that the old roof was protecting.  

If a skylight is 15 years or older we recommend replacing the whole thing when installing a new roof.  The typical warranty for a skylight is 10-12 years.  Beyond that period they become a significant gamble, and real liability, for water getting into the roof, the rafters, and the house!  Replacing them before they fail is wise.  If they need replacing, but the roof does not, heads up:  a contractor should include with the skylight cost, the materials and labor to replace shingles around the new skylight!

Getting a new roof?

When replacing a roof, all things roof-related should be addressed by a roofing contractor.  That means if the contractor doesn’t bring up your skylights, ask them!  All things roof-related means:  roof vents, bathroom vents, chimney lead flashing, skylights, flashing, pipe boots, pipe boot flashing, and anything else on the roof!  If that’s not the case, better call Truehome.

Looking to purchase a new home with skylights or add them to an existing home?

We offer the highest quality product for skylights and are happy to help you out with yours!  Give us a call today for your free quote.

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