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How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes inclement weather that can be harmful to your roof. There are many things you as homeowner can do to prepare your roof for the upcoming winter months. One thing that often gets overlooked is observing the trees around your house.If there are large branches that overhang your roof, this could lead to potential damage during a winter storm. It is important to remove overhanging tree limbs to eliminate the risk of them falling upon your roof and doing harm to your home. It is also important to make sure your roof and gutters are clear of twigs, leaves, and any other debris. These things will acquire and hold moisture overtime, which can eventually lead to mold developing on your roof. Also be sure to check the edges as well as the valleys of your roof. If your roof’s edges don’t contain a proper ventilation system, it could lead to structural damage caused by ice dams.

Leaks can occur within the valleys of your roof, so it is important to examine them and keep them clear of leaves, branches, dirt, and debris. Other than the physical maintenance, it is also important to inspect your roof overall, inside and out. Be sure to check your attic for any cracks, leaks, or moisture damage. Overall, the most important thing you can do when preparing your roof for the winter is to call a professional. Even if you go through all the right steps, there may be something you missed. It could be anything from a minor repair or a roof replacement as whole. Getting an inspection before winter time can be crucial in preserving your roof and your home’s structural integrity.

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