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Be Prepared for Storm Damage

If you’ve ever had your roof damaged by a falling tree, then you know how disruptive it can be. Not only do you need to find the time to repair the roof and ensure any water damage is taken care of, but you’ll also have to trim or remove the tree. The last thing anyone wants is for their insurance company to deny coverage because they weren’t sure what steps should be taken after a fallen tree damages their roof. So here’s what to do:

Evacuate the Property

Your priority should be to get anyone who lives in or is visiting the house out of the structure. Trees can shift and fall, so everyone must get as far away from the fallen tree as possible. Small trees are usually no cause for concern, but if there’s a large tree directly above the structure, you should seek safety elsewhere. Safety first.

Remove Debris

You need to remove any debris blocking the roof so the tree removal company can thoroughly examine the immediate area. This includes any fallen branches that have not yet been cut or broken off. Sometimes the trunk of a large tree will come crashing down on the structure, so you should be ready to be thorough in your inspection. Professional tree removal companies will know exactly what to do so they can get the fallen tree off your roof and restore safety in one quick, efficient motion.

Call a Roofing Company

Some trees are so large that they destroy the roof, which means you will need to repair or replace your roof after the large tree has fallen. Don’t try to repair your roof in this instance. Even if you know how to use a ladder and have experience repairing roofs, working around a large fallen tree on a slanted, shifting surface is something you should leave to professionals.

Call Your Insurance Company

At this point, you should call your insurance company and make sure they know what happened. If the tree is large enough to destroy the roof, you can expect your insurance company to pay for a new one. They will also cover any medical bills resulting from injuries caused by the fallen tree. Don’t worry about getting taken advantage of. Your insurance company will ensure you get everything you’re entitled to after a large tree falls on your roof.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’ve never had a large tree fall on your roof, it’s good to be prepared. Knowing what to do in case of such an event will save you time and help you get the insurance coverage you deserve. Contact us at TRUEHOME roofing for your roofing needs, and we will work with you to restore your roof’s functionality and safety.

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